6 best table saw for beginner woodworker

best table saw for beginner woodworker

Best table saw for beginner woodworker: Saw is an essential element for the daily tasks of woodworkers and DIYers. It is a handy power tool that is used for a variety of woodwork. There are different types of saws, but the most commonly used saw is the table saw. The most notable advantage of using it is that it helps to speed up big projects’ work. A table saw for woodworking makes the tasks easier and improved.

What is Table Saw:

What is a table saw? If you do not know, then this article is for you. I will now try to highlight what is a table saw in this article. So let’s get started.

The term “table saw” may at first seem a bit vague in the general sense, especially if you’re already aware of a band saw-like saw that uses a kind of flat surface around the blade. A table saw usually uses a setup more like a table, so it gets the official title as the original table – at least that’s how I can explain to you.

So what exactly is a table? At the beginning of the description, a table saw is a circular saw mounted below the surface of the table, a part of the blade extending over the table, where it is exposed and able to cut wood.

The exposed part of the saw allows the table to be provided with standard cutting tools that allow users to control, measure, and feed the workpieces to the blade in the right way. The table’s part is arranged in different ways to measure the cut and sets different angles and these.

The saw assembly is mounted on an arbor, which holds the saw in place and allows the user to adjust the cutting depth and angles. The table is responsible for how the workpiece is fed to the saw blade.

Although very common in nature, a table tax offers countless uses for woodworking and provides plenty of convenience and continuity. This is the exact opposite of freehand cutting in every way.

When used properly, making a table can be calculated to ensure robot-like accuracy on various wide cuts; you need to cut as many workpieces as you can.

When many models go out of business or out of storage, your store needs a setup that gives you a quick, efficient, and convenient way to make fast and accurate cuts in a hurry instead of having everything set up.

What is a table saw fence?

Table saw fences are valuable when it comes to chip cutting and cross-cutting wood. Without a table fence, you’re going to have to deal with the most basic cuts. These increase protection, make your table easier to use and provide you with a way to make the right cuts.

Table Saw Fence System

Table saw fence systems help guide components and workpieces when creating slices and cross-cuts. They hold the workpiece in place, making sure it doesn’t move when cut. The fence is a necessary part of a table saw and makes the table safer to use.

Don’t listen to woolen woodworkers who tell you to waste time calling it a table fence. Let them cut freestyle and lose fingers or make them worse.

A table saw gives you the ability to create accurate cuts by controlling each cut’s length and size. This is called rip capacity. By removing the fence system, the cut will almost certainly not be straight.

These are especially effective when cutting long workpieces or sheet material, where shapes and sizes can be awkward to handle. A fence enables you to control the material by applying force to feed the blade towards the blade.

Benefits of Table Saw Fence:

There are lots of benefits of using a table saw fence. Some of them are:

  • Provides more accuracy
  • Improves work rate
  • Saves money
  • Ensures safety

Do I Need to Use a Table Saw for Woodworking?

If you ask, Is it Needed to Use a Table Saw for Woodworking? The answer is; It is a versatile item that allows you to perform a variety of tasks. Anyone serious about woodwork or DIY eventually wants to add a table tax to their arsenal of power tools. Named for the table that supports the material being cut, the table saw is a great tool for quick, precise work of repetitive cutting tasks. 

Table saw is an important element for woodworking works. It is very difficult to do these things without it. If you need to cut curves or cut stock thicker than 3.5 “, you must use a table saw. This will make your tasks easier and faster.

Benefits of using Table Saw:

The table saw is designed to improve accuracy, save time and reduce the effort required to cut straight. The blade ultimately cuts very well, so investing in a high-quality blade can save you a lot of time in the long run. Since wood costs money, a slip for accuracy will also cost you money – a high-quality blade can fit itself with just a perfect cut on a large piece of plywood.

The table saw blade works a lot. It is useful for long cutting, so the blade is subject to long time and horrible working conditions. It needs to withstand a high amount of friction, and the resulting heat and its teeth need to be sharp, so you don’t have to spend much time sharpening them.

When metal is heated, many things can happen to it. Initially and inevitably, the metal will expand. It can dwarf and bark wood, causing it to cut a larger slot in the wood and deviate more easily. Cheaper blades can be more susceptible to warping, which is why long, skinny grooves are built-in. Also, the teeth of a cheap blade inevitably become dull compared to a high-quality blade.

Table Saw VS Band Saw

Table saw vs. band saw: Which one will be good for you? A table saw is a saw with a round blade that sticks to the work surface or a hole in the table. These are used to cut straight lines – they are not designed to cut curves.

You can conduct a table saw by placing the cut wood on the work surface, and with the help of the guide, you press the wood on the blade, through which it cuts the pieces precisely and precisely. Modern table saws allow you to adjust the cut’s height and angle, giving you more flexibility than the kind of cut you can make.

On the other hand, the band saw uses a serrated blade that runs in an uninterrupted loop for two drivers. These blades are designed to make cuts through thick materials. These saws are often found in the workshops of someone who works with various materials. They can cut densely into multiple materials such as wood, plastic metal, and even meat.

Benefits of Table Saw and Band Saw

A band saw is incredibly versatile. A table saw is much more versatile, and it is the primary tool used in many workshops. This is because they can perform many tasks, and they are often preferred among those who are not just hobby woodworkers.

Table saws can make precise woodcuts, and these saws are ideal for making chips and cross-cuts. Those who wish to renovate their home will find a table is an invaluable tool.

On the other hand, the benefits of band saw are; 

Many people like the band Shake because it can be used with many different materials. The serrated blade can tear through the material without being damaged. These saws are also good when you have a job requiring a curved edge because all you have to do is change the blade and better go.

A band shot will be quieter than a table. It doesn’t create dust like a table, which is a big thing to consider because respiratory distress can cause various health risks such as respiratory infections, dermatitis, and cancer.

So, the final decision: trying to make the final decision between a band saw versus a table saw is a difficult task. As a beginner to woodworking, making a table may seem like an ideal choice because it is easy to use. However, as your skills progress, you will see that a table saw will not meet all your needs. With which you may eventually want to upgrade to a band sheath.

For those who need a tool to cut wood, the table saw will be your best option. This will give you a straight cut each time, but you will also be able to adjust the height of the cuts as needed.

What is a table saw used for?

Blades for table saws need to be able to perform several basic tasks extremely well. Since table saws have to be cut long, you will use them for many purposes and countless materials.

You will use your table saw for various tasks, especially if you have other saws like hand saws or miter saws. In this case, you can see that your table is useful for performing one type or another cut. For example, if your miter tax is set up to make cross cuts – that is, cut cuts that are not parallel to the wood grains – you may want to get a dedicated perpetual cut blade on the saw on your table. Ripping blades have a high feed rate and are effective for long, straight cutting with wood grain, usually to divide a longboard into smaller pieces.

Your table blades may need to handle dense materials such as glamor, plywood, sheet metal, plastic, and particleboard, and have a miter saw to cut the wood you need. In this case, you will use a dedicated blade on your table to cut on a stiff table. This is probably what you are looking for in a round blade for your table – this one capable of cutting both the grain and its side will make a quality blade difference, whatever your choice.

The advantage of having a high-quality table saw 

The table saw is designed to improve accuracy, save time and reduce the effort required to cut straight. The blade ultimately cuts, so investing in a high-quality blade can save you a lot of time in the long run. Since wood costs money, a slip for accuracy will also cost you money – a high-quality blade can fit itself with just a perfect cut on a large piece of plywood.

The table saw blade works a lot. It is useful for long cutting, so the blade is subject to long time and horrible working conditions. It needs to withstand a high amount of friction, and the resulting heat and its teeth need to be sharp, so you don’t have to spend much time sharpening them.

When the metal is heated, many things can happen to it. Initially and inevitably, the metal will expand. It can dwarf and bark wood, causing it to cut a larger slot in the wood and deviate more easily. Cheaper blades can be more susceptible to warping, which is why long, skinny grooves are built-in. Also, the teeth of a cheap blade inevitably become dull compared to high-quality blades.

When you invest in a good blade, you no longer have to go back to buying a replacement when that extra bit pays off. It rewards your investment when your cuts are firm, smooth, and precise.

Best table saw for beginner woodworker

DEWALT DWE7485 Compact Table Saw for Jobsite

DEWALT DWE7485 Compact Table Saw for Jobsite

The DEWALT 8-1/4inch Table Saw is an excellent choice for both woodcraft and Jobsite use. This is minimized for accuracy and capacity, including onboard storage for blade guard assembly, anti-kickback pawls, non-through cut riving knife, miter gauge, blade change wrenches, and push stick. It has a 15amp powerful and 5800 RPM motor, which offers users to perform a majority of applications. The rack and pinion telescoping fence endorses fast, easy adjustments and delivers the capacity to rip 4×8 sheet goods.  It is the best table saw under $400.

KEY Features:

  • Compact size for easy storage and transportation
  • Rack and Pinion telescoping fence rails provide fence adjustment fast, accurate, and smooth. 
  • A powerful 15amp motor, 5800 RPM
  • 24.5 inches of rip capacity for ripping OSB sheet or 4 x8 plywood.
  • Power-loss reset for preventing accidental restarts.
  • Metal roll cage base assures a sturdy setup.
  • Blade brake
  • On-board storage for guard, wrenches, miter gauge and fence as well.
  • Contains Site-Pro Modular Guarding System offers tool-free adjustment for guarding. 
  • Item weight 54 pounds.
  • Product dimensions 22.75 x 22.75 x 13 inches
  • 3-year limited warranty and 90 days money back guarantee if the product is defective. 


  • Easy portable for carrying and storage. 
  • Easy adjusting the guard with Site-Pro Modular.
  • Guarding system.
  • Powerful motor for easy sawing and cutting most applications
  • Accurate and smooth cuts.
  • Appropriate saw for general home and small cabinet making needs
  • Amazing customer reviews. 


  • Not include a stand
  • Not adjustable with a dado blade.

In a nutshell, the DWE7485 table saw might be the best choice for both woodcraft and Jobsite use, apart from a stand and dado blade issue.

DEWALT DWE7491RS Table Saw

DEWALT DWE7491RS Table Saw

The DWE7491RS 10″ jobsite table saw 32-1/2″ Rip capacity contains a Rolling Stand along with a 15 Amp motor as well as 32-1/2-inch rip capacity to ensure cutting of extensive and hardwood materials. The rolling stand is made for easy setup and breakdown with fantastic stability. Moreover, it includes feature’s tool-free guarding component adjustment and accurate and fast fence adjustments. Telescoping fence rails repeal to make a tiny, portable package and onboard storage system offers easy access to Blade Guard Assembly, riving knife, fence, wrenches, miter gauge, push stick, and cord wrap when not in use. It is the best table saw under $600.

Key Features: 

  • Evidenced material support can be applied for narrow rip cuts.
  • Rack and Pinion Telescoping Fence System works for making fence adjustment fast, smooth and accurate. 
  • 32-1/2” rip capacity effortlessly cuts different types of extensive shelving and trim materials. 
  • Onboard Storage system offers easy access to Blade Guard Assembly, miter gauge, wrench, fence, riving knife, etc. 
  • Rolling Stand helps to easy setup and breakdown. 
  • 15 Amp powerful motor
  • 2-1/2-inch Dust Collection Port to easily dust extraction.
  • 3-1/8-inch depth of cut at 90 degrees and 2-1/4 inch at 45-degree angle.
  • 21- 7/8-inch X 26-3/8-inch table ensures superior material support. 
  • Item weight 90 pounds
  • Product dimension 31× 24.5× 31 inches
  • 3 year limited warranty 


  • DWE7491RS DeWalt table saw includes a strong motor system that can assist you in cutting materials effectively. 
  • Extra cutting width consisting of 32-1/2-inch rip capacity features imply you have different options for material cutting.
  • The effective rack and pinion fence system provide simple, smooth, and correct coordination to the fence.
  • The rolling stands offer it easy for you to set up, store, and arrange the table saw.
  • The fence arrives with a flip-over support characteristic which simplifies narrow cutting.


  • The speed may not be very severe in case you use larger materials. 
  • When the saw receives a dado blade, it neither contains a dado throat plate nor a place for it to be stored. 

Therefore, the DWE7491RS DeWalt table saw can be an excellent tool for cutting the large and hardwood materials except for speed issue.

SKILSAW SPT99T-01 8-1/4″ Portable Worm Drive Table Saw

SKILSAW SPT99T-01 8-1/4" Portable Worm Drive Table Saw

SKILSAW SPT99T  is the world’s first-ever worm drive table saw specially designed for ripping. The 8-¼ inch portable Worm Drive Table Saw shows the mythical Worm Drive power in a light, whereas mobile design offers uniqueness to the collection. Robust, this provides the saw an all-metal construction while it arrives at job site abuse. The rack and pinion system makes smooth, fast fence alterations for a precise cut.

Additionally, the patented Dual-Field Motor remains cooler wholly in use to work stronger along with longer. Briefly, you don’t require to immolate power or torque as this table saw is very easy to transport. This is primarily made for job site productivity. This flawless powerhouse contains a 2-⅝ inch depth of cut as well as 25-inch rip capacity so that it detaches the sheet properly with a slice up to 3x. 

Key Features:

  • Legendary Worm Drive gearing ensures highest power for ripping applications.
  • Precision rack and pinion system create fence set up speedily and efficiently.
  • Compact footprint and mild weight make it smooth to move around the work area.
  • 25-inch rip capacity and 2-⅝ inch depth of cut easily detaches sheet as well as slice up to 3×.
  • All-metal construction offers legendary durability.
  • Built-in cord wrap makes it neat along with on-tool accessories storage ensures productivity.
  • Patented Dual- Field Motor drives colder in order to work longer and harder.
  • Adjustable with SPT5003-FS SKIL Folding Stand.
  • Item weight 44 pounds.
  • Products dimensions: 26×25×15 inches 
  • One hundred eighty days Stay True Guarantee plus one-year limited warranty. 


  • Excellent quality
  • Affordable price
  • Marvelous performance
  • Legendary gear worm drive table saw offers maximum power and torque.
  • Conclusive machine for ripping work.
  • Created for demanding jobs and enhanced productivity 
  • Fascinating 3 ½ inch depth of cut with 25-inch rip capability 
  • Smoothly start-up runs cooler with lasts longer 
  • Aluminum made die-cast and steel construction
  • Offering self-aligning rip fence 
  • Containing a fence guard system along with an anti-kickback device.
  • Easy portable and compact machine 
  • Providing convenient onboard storage


  • May require adjustable prior.
  • The folding stand is sold individually. 
  • Don’t include dust collection system 

Therefore, SKILSAW SPT-99T is the world’s first-ever worm drive excellent tool for ripping work. 

Delta 36-6023 10 inch table saw

Delta 36-6023 10 inch table saw

The Delta 36-6023 table saw was created with a woodworker in mind. It is used highly for clearness, stability, and storage. The 32-½ inch suitable hand rip capacity with 22-½ inch left hand rip capacity makes this ideal for any task. It offers a speedy and easy cleanup due to the easy one-step folding stand. Using a lever in the throat plate, the industry-standard tool-free spilled guard design gives an actual rise along with a fall bisect knife.

On the other hand, it has a powerful 15 amp motor that simply rips by hardwood along with pressure treated lumber. Additionally, the larger 32-½ inch rip capacity ensures a stable surface for oversized materials. Rack and pinion fence system provides fence coordination correctly, speedy, and smooth. This table saw joint with a portable rolling stand that folds down in one step creates moving and stowing the saw swift and easy.

Key features:

  • Includes up to 32 ½ inches right rip capacity and 22 ½ inches left rip.
  • Blade brake shuts blade in seconds.
  • Contains an aluminum miter gauge along with detents for validity and durability
  • Having folding stand stores vertically for a tiny footprint
  • Having 2 ½ inch rear dust port
  • Aluminum made tabletop
  • Easy one-step folding stand for speedy adjustment and transportation and storage. 
  • Containing a 15 amp powerful motor produces around 5000 RPM to power through challenging tasks.
  • Rack and pinion fence rail system for a rapid, clean setup 
  • Flip down ripping fence offers narrow rip cuts
  • A 2 ½ inch dust port provides for a vacuum hook to keep the work area clean.
  • UL Listed
  • Item weight 77 pounds
  • Product dimension 27.56×19.88×3.83 inches 
  • Five year professional warranty 


  •  Highly affordable and portable saw on this list.
  • Collapsible rolling stand makes easy transportation
  • The frame is pretty stable and compact.  It never wobbles even if you work on a broad and heavy workpiece
  • Easy folding stand
  • Excellent rack and pinion fence rails
  • 32 ½ inch rip capacity 
  • Dust ejection port
  • Easy to operate 
  • Having fairly flexible blade
  • 5 years warranty.


  • Bad quality control
  • Require help while you want to load it back.
  • Hard to assemble 

Apart from the types of cuts you want to get, the opportunities are that this table saw can complete them smoothly and correctly.

GoPlus 10-Inch Table Saw

GoPlus 10-Inch Table Saw

The electronic motor is an outstanding feature on this 10-inch table saw from GoPlus. It drives more calmly than standard electric motors of its same size. You won’t immolate the entire power as GoPlus made it for a powerful load capability required in occupational settings.

A self-classifying rip fence is suitable for your choice. This fence offers you to get micro-adjustments quickly, and it is speedy to use—the user-friendly fence assists to allow this one of the best budget-friendly table saws. Additionally, you will see that the sliding miter gauge can be stable from 45 degrees to -45 degrees, a feature that can speed up your cutting easily.

Key Features:

  • 15 amp Powerful motor delivers 5000 rpm cutting performance to rip by differents types of hardwood
  • Heavy-duty stand efficiently confines the table from rollover cutting.
  • Having coated aluminum tabletop with a 26 inch rip capacity can simply rip by larger wood material and decrease extra friction.
  • Containing 36T carbide-tipped blade with the clear guard as well as riving knife prevent accidental hurt and flying chips.
  • Including the double bevel cutting form 0-45°, gives cross-cut at 90°–3″ whereas bevel cut at 45°–2 ½ “. 
  • A large hand wheel can control the blade lifting, opportune for slotting, cutting, and ripping.
  • Containing sliding miter gauge, which can be stable from -45° to 45° for cross cutting.
  • On-board storage system is opportune for distort and pushes stick while not in use. Besides, on/off safety switches are attainable to manage and offer overload protection.
  • Item weight 46 pounds
  • Product dimensions 29×23×15 inches.


  • A budget-friendly price tag.
  • Substantial machine for easy use.
  • Excellent machine.
  • The Assembly weighs only 43.7 pounds which is lighter than various designs in the 10-inch range.
  • Under on-load conditions, generate 5500 RPMs which is suitable for most blades use in woodworking.


  • Cheap materials are used to make this saw 
  • It is marked for the only metric system.

However, this table saw might be the best woodworking option that can help you enjoy your hobby!

Rockwell Bladerunner X2 Portable Tabletop Saw 

Rockwell Bladerunner X2 Portable Tabletop Saw

The Rockwell Bladerunner X2 is an outstanding tabletop saw for offering light-duty sawing in wood, ceramic tile, metal, aluminium, and plastic as well. You need to carry the saw to the work site instead of bringing materials to the saw. This lightweight and portable Bladerunner X2 sets up in a second. The traditional guard and riving knife system offer unlimited capacity for rip cuts and cross work.

Nowadays, the new version now provides better performance and control than the original Bladerunner. A hold-down guard and splitter which cuts broad materials with a larger rip fence for better monitoring reach the Bladerunner to a new level. It uses perfect t-shank jigsaw blades with extemporary, tool-free blade changes that offer you to get from cutting one material to another speedily and easily.

It contains a built-in vacuum port that provides easy clean-up and a blade-holding chamber to keep your blade with the tool. Go in front and make cutting. It will make various cuts that you could require multiple other tools to do. Moreover, it frees up both hands for precise control of the material so that you can take an excellent and exact cut without supervision.

Key features: 

  • The 5.5-Amp motor generates 3000-RPM for the power you need to cut wood, tile, plastic, metal, and aluminum.
  • Having a 5.5 amp motor produces 3000 rpm power to cut wood, tile, metal, and plastic.
  •  Receive 4-inch T-shank jigsaw blades for speedy, tool-free blade changes 
  • Containing 6-inch rip capacity on the right side is typical for cutting tile and tiny materials
  • Steel rip fence including large scale offers exact cuts, whereas adjustable miter gauge give 0-60° right or left-angled cuts
  • Containing on-board storage, which ensures easy access to miter gauge, fence, and blade as well.
  • 15.75-inch Length × 17-inch Width tabletop provides a variety of workplace 
  • Traditional guards with riving knife systems offer unlimited capacity for rip cuts and cross.
  • Having a stainless steel cutting circle provides better management while cutting tile.
  • Item weight 16.76 pounds
  • Product dimension 16.1×17.5x 8.3 inches
  • 3 year limited warranty 


  • Super Portable, lightweight, and compact for easy carrying
  • Affordable price
  • Offering accurate and nice cut
  • Tool-less blade changes may be completed in 3 seconds 
  • Susceptible of cutting wood, tile, metal, aluminum, and plastic with ¾ inch stroke length 
  • Excellent tool for rip, inside, miter cuts, and scroll.
  • Complete irregular cuts by setting the adjustable 4 inch T shank jigsaw blade.
  • Ensuring better cit and precision by large rip fence
  • Making more extensive material cuts possible, followed by splitter and hold-down guard.


  • Disable to cut with thick high-grade material like marblewood or oak.
  • Smaller than a band saw

Therefore, Rockwell Bladerunner X3 is a unique tabletop saw for cutting wood, ceramic tile, aluminum, metal, and plastic. This might be another best option for your job.

How to Use a Table Saw

A table saw is a tool that is used for a variety of woodworking tasks. It makes our jobs easier and at the same time helps us to perform tasks faster.

But do you know how to use a table saw? If you do not know, then this article is for you. With all of you in mind, we will now try to explain how to use a table saw here and discuss the precautions that should be taken to use it. So let’s get started.

Cutting type

Before cutting anything with the help of a table saw, you need to know what kind of cutting is possible by using it. There are three types of cuts made with a table saw: a cross-cut, a ripping cut, and a dado cut.

A cross-cut is usually considered a cut across the grain, but it can be any cut across the board’s narrow side. Cross-cutting is done using a miter gauge or sled.

A ripping cut is a cut that goes below the length of the board. This is done as you set the guide for achieving intelligent amplitude.

A dado cut is a wide cut or trench that is often used in attachments. This can be achieved using a miter gauge or fence but has special blades that will produce it more quickly and accurately.

How to Make Rip Cuts

Step 1: Fit blade

Unplug the tax and fit a chit blade into the blade arbor. To do this, loosen the araba nut with a wrench and face the tooth in front of the tax. Adjust the blade height to fit your material. The blade wants to be about 1/4-inch longer than the material you are cutting. Harden the nuts again. If your project requires a different toothed blade than the one already installed or the blade needs to be replaced for general maintenance, this step is just what you need. Chip cuts require fewer blade teeth than cross cuts, so you must change the blade if you change the cut. 

Step 2: Location chip fence 

Leave the lock on the front of the fence, slide its altar until its inner edge is cut to blend with the desired width. Once in place, measure and mark your cut. You will want to mark the edge of the saw blade from the fence.

Step 3: Prepare for Saw 

Place the marked element on the table and line it up with a ribbon fence. Plugin the tax and turn it on. Let the tax run for a few seconds so that it can rise to the cutting speed.

Step 4: Start Sawing 

Material guide along the ribbon fence. Place both hands on the wood until the end using the push stick as necessary to keep your fingers away from the blade. When the cut is finished, turn off the saw, then restore the pieces. 

How to Make Cross Cuts

Step 1: Fit blade

Unplug the saw, then remove the ribbon fence. Remove the blade guard and fit a cross-cut blade into the arbor by repeating the steps to remove and fit the sled blade on a table. Adjust the blade height to fit your material. The blade wants to be about 1/4-inch longer than the material you are cutting. Harden the nuts again. 

Step 2: Get ready for saw 

Measure and mark your cut with a pencil and ruler. Then adjust the protector guide. To cut straight, set the guide to 0. For angular cuts, set the guide to measure the desired angle. Then align the material you are cutting with the front edge of the miter gauge. Plug the saw back in and turn it on. Let the tax run for a few seconds so that it can rise at full speed.

Step 3: Start Sawing

Slowly gauge the miter gauge and material with the blade. Since you are doing cross-cutting, you probably don’t need to use any push sticks. When the cut is finished, turn off the saw, then restore the pieces. 

How to Make Dado Cuts

Step 1: Choose the right blade

First, remove the old blade and for this, you can follow the cross-cut process. This is after swapping with the Dado variety. Also, swap existing table inserts for the one that matches the Dado blade.

Step 2: Set up the rip fence

Determine the required distance between the blade and the ribbon fence. Do this using the same method as “How to cut a chip”. 

Step 3: Turn on the power

Put on your safety gear and turn on the tax. Make sure the blade is rotating at maximum speed. Offer your workpiece and press the whip firmly against the fence one by one. Make sure the stock is flat on the table surface. Perform the blade’s first pass by applying strong pressure on the material as you move towards the blade.

Step 4: Reset the rip fence

To widen the dado:

  1. Move the chip fence along 0.25 inches.
  2. Pass the stock over the blade a second time, making sure there is contact with the wooden fence.
  3. Once you reach your desired width, turn off the saw.

Safety Tips While Using Table Saw

Use push sticks: Push sticks allow you to turn the stock towards the blade while keeping your fingers away from the way of damage. Push sticks also reduce instances of kickback by imposing regular depressions on the stock. 

Take a suitable position: Keep a good center of balance. Lean most of your weight on the front legs while keeping your hind legs firmly on the ground.

Wear the right clothes: Loose-fitting and the baggy fabric is a big no. T-shirt short sleeve shirts are the right outfit. You don’t want to get snagged in the blade. That would be a disaster.

Clean the saw regularly: Nothing like molasses is like gum. It comes into the mechanism and causes all kinds of problems. Always use a dust port or simply keep a dustpan and brush to spread any shaking.

Wipe down the table: Kickback associated with table sawing is one of the biggest risks. Keeping the table flawless and running smoothly is important in preventing binding and kickbacks from occurring.
Do not wear loose-fitting gloves: Loose-fitting gloves are just as risky as loose-fitting fabrics. As they go over the blades, they also reduce your control over the stock.

Final Words:

After all, we can say that table saw is a very needed thing for every woodworker. We hope this article will help you choosing a best table saw and using it precisely.

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