Best Circular Saw Tips for Beginners

Circular Saw Tips

Circular Saw Tips: A circular saw, also known as a table saw sawbench or bench saw, is a fantastic woodworking power tool. Wood sawing is done by attaching a crosscut fence with this machine. The hand saw is more time-consuming to cut the wood. As a result, almost every woodshop has a circular saw machine to cut and sew the wood at present. You should be familiar with the operation of this saw. The main parts of the circular saw machine described in the figure below-

Main parts of circular saw and their uses

  • Stand or body: It works to hold the machine on the floor.
  • Table: Wood sawing is done on the table.
  • Dripping fence: Wood is sawing attached with it.
  • Crosscut fence: wood is sawing by setting it on the table.
  • Saw blade: Various types of saw blades are attached with blade machines to wood sawing and cutting.
  • Saw guard: It is used to prevent accidents on the machine.
  • Riving knife: It is set behind the saw blade and helps for sawing.
  • Saw blade lifting lever: It helps to move up and down the saw blade.
  • Switch: Machine turns on and off by it.
  • Motor: It runs the saw blade attached with a vibent.
  • Pulley and belt: The pulley of the motor is connected to the pulley and the belt.
  • Pushing stick: This stick has to be used to prevent accidents while sawing wood.

Circular Saw Blade: Saw blade is 12″ to 18″ in diameter. Currently, wood is chopped and cut by carbide saw blades. It is easy to work with this blade. It is possible to use this blade for 2-3 months with only one sharpening. The saw blade’s teeth are fitted with carbide steel. The blade has to be sharpened in the blade factory. Occasionally there is a build-up of gum in the teeth, and kerosene oil is used to remove the gum. The teeth are small and big according to the size of the blade.

Operations of Circular Saw Machine

  • Ripping
  • Crosscutting
  • Crosscutting short pieces to length
  • Chamfering and bevel cutting
  • Mitre cutting
  • Rebating
  • Trenching
  • Dado head
  • Grooving with dado head
  • Trenching with dado head
  • Grooving with wobble saw

Circular saw machine operation steps:

  • Sawing in favor of wood fibers.
  • Sawing against wood fibers.
  • Angle cutting.
  • Group cutting.
  • Rivet cutting.
  • Chamfer cutting.
  • Bevel cutting.

Circular saw: Circular saw’s spindle is fastened to one end of the machine’s movable frame; the other end of the machine holds the motor. The screw helps to adjust the structure firmly at the right position. A saw blade can quickly adjust at the desired height through a lever. There is a device for adjusting the ripping fence file. The machine has the facility to use the crosscut fence. It is used for sawing purposes.

Parts of a circular saw blade

  1. Body
  2. Edge or point
  3. Face or point
  4. Back
  5. Gullets
  6. Hook
  7. Midline.

Circular saw blades are carbon steel sheets and carbide teeth. The blade is 200-400 mm in diameter for wood sawing. Edge dressing of sharpening stone should be done according to gullets. 

Pitch: The distance between two alongside the teeth point is called pitch.

The thickness of a circular blade

The gauge number determines the thickness of the blade. There are many things to consider before choosing the right thickness of blade for work. 

  • Blade’s thickness increases with the diameter. 
  • The blade thickness should be increased when sawing rate and stock’s thickness are increased.
  • Blade should be sturdy to prohibit vibration during rotation.

The increase of the blade’s thickness results more wastage of wood as sawdust, and it takes more energy to move. In this case, the less thick blades are less wastage of wood.

Blade’s sizeGauge number near the holeCaller edge gauge numberRime gauge number

Tooth spacing

The total number of teeth in the blade indicates the tooth spacing. The blade is always made up of an even number of teeth, not an odd number. Because it is impossible to set one tooth, or you have to set two teeth side by side if there is an odd number of teeth. Teeth spacing is important because it indicates how smooth or rough the blade is. The blades will work smoothly if the other subject is equal and the number of the blade’s teeth is more.

Blade’s sizeNumber of teeth, ripCross woodCombination
Blade’s size and teeth’s number

Circular Saw Blade Setting:

The setting is to bend a part of each tooth. When one is bent to one side, another is bent to the opposite side. This process allows the teeth to form curves or thicker wood and enable the blade to rotate quickly in the wood.

If the blades are set evenly, the wood cutting will also be equal. If the setting is uneven, the higher the tooth set, the thicker the wood. If the setting is too high in a tooth, cracks will appear in that part of the blade. The amount of set depends on the type of blade, the type of stock, etc. Softwood requires more setting than hardwood. Bench type requires more setting than portable type. It takes two gauge sets on each side for a regular saw and one gauge setting for a portable saw.

Circular saw machine repair and maintenance:

  • The blade should always be flat, bright, and tidy.
  • Glue sticks should be removed. In this case, kerosene oil or turpentine can be used.
  • A stiff brush can be used to clean by rubbing.
  • The blade should be dipped in hot water for some time. Then wipe with a dry cloth to clean hard adhesive gum. To prevent rust, apply light oil immediately.
  • Gullet should be kept around at all times. As a result, dust can come out easily.

Circular Saw Machine Safety rules

  • You have to use a guard while working on the machine.
  • Should not work on more than one or two machines at a time
  • Special care must be taken to do two things at once.
  • One operation cannot be completed without another.

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