18 Basic Difference between a shaper and a planer

Difference between a shaper and a planer

Difference between a shaper and a planer: A wood shaper and a planer are not the same machines though they are used for wood cutting purposes. Many differences are available between a wood shaper and a planer machine. The following table below are representing these differences between shaper and planer machine:

Difference between a shaper and a planer

During the operation, the shaper machine only uses its single-point cutting tool.Planer Machine can use more than one tool at the time of its operation.
This machine is for light-duty.It’s used for heavy-duty.
The workpiece is fixed in the shaper machine, and tools are under the motion.Its tools are fixed, but its workpiece is under motion.
It is cheaper, smaller, and lighter as compared to the planer machine.This machine is costlier, larger, and heavier than the Shaper.
It is less accurate than the planer machine.It is more accurate than the Shaper machine.
You couldn’t make deep cuts by using a shaper.  Making deep cuts is possible by using a planer.
It is not perfect for heavy feeds.It is perfect for heavy feed.
You will get less productivity as compared to the Planer. It is more productive than shader.
It is a light-weight machine. It is a heavy machine. 
This machine consumes less power than the Planer.The planer consumes more power than the Shaper.
For being a small size, the shaper machine needs less space to set up. The Planer machine needs more space to set up for being larger than the Shaper.  
Low operating skill is required for operating a shaper. High operating skill is required for operating a planer machine. 
It is used for smaller job purposes.It is used for larger job purposes.
It is slower than the planer machine.It can work faster as compared to Shaper.
This machine has a quick return motion mechanism that helps to drive its Ram.The planer machine is generated by hydraulic arrangement.
The stroke length of this machine is adjustable.Its stroke length is not adjustable.
Its cutting speeds and return speeds are uniform throughout its stroke.Its cutting speeds and return speeds can vary throughout its stroke.  
The shaper machine is less rigid and simple in construction.The planer machine is very rigid and robust in construction.

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