How to measure round wood in cubic feet by an easy formula

How to measure round wood

How to measure round wood in cubic feet: At first you have to collect a log of round wood.

Tools and other equipment: Tape, calculator machine, paper, pen or pencil, rubber, etc.


1. Take a round wood log.

2. The length of the log and the size of the diameter should be recorded in the notebook. Later, according to the formula, the amount of wood in the log has to be determined.

How to measure round wood

Suppose a round log has a diameter of 3 feet and a length of 6 feet. So, the measurement formula will be-

Round wood measurement formula

= Diameter2 X length/16

= (3)2 X 6/16

= 9 X 6/16

= 54/16

= 3.375 cubic feet

Result: We’ll get 3.375 cubic feet

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