How to use a jointer planer machine in 5 easy steps

How to use a jointer planer machine

How to use a jointer planer machine: It is now much easier to plane wood on a machine instead of a hand planer. First, you have to flatten the wood of any thickness by doing one face in the bar and then an edge planing. For this, at first, you have to plane the wood in the joint plane.

Jointer planer machine parts and their functions

  1. Infeed and outfeed tables: Outfeed is equal to the height of the table cutter and controls the infeed table’s movement so that the wood can plane at any speed. It is 12 “to 20” wide and 2 “to 6” long.
  2. Machine body: It is an iron structure on which tables and cutting blocks are placed. It is fastened with bolts to the floor.
  3. Fell: It is placed at 900 angles on the infid table. However, if necessary, the wood can be plain by setting it in any tangle.
  4. Cutter Head: This is a round block in which 2 to 4 cutters can be set.
  5. Cutter: It is made of steel sheet, its length is 2 ‘-4 “and width is 1 1/2” to 2 “wide.
  6. Switch and motor: The cutting block of the machine runs and switches off-on. Motor power is 3 to 5 horsepower.
  7. Adjustment wheel and lever: The wheel raises the outfeed table, and the lever lifts the infeed table.
  8. Cutter Head Lock Pin: This is used to lock the cutter head and cut the cut edge.
  9. Guard: This is done by setting the guard above the cutter.
  10. Brake lever: The lever is used to stop the machine.
Main parts of the jointer planer 

Riding Effect of a Rotary Cutter of Jointer Machine

Cutter A recording the track A1 will enter the stock after one revolution cutting B1 and again C1 leaving the ridges X and Y against the forward movement of the stock. Ridges are diminished according to speed of the block relative to rate of feed and number of cutters.

How to use a jointer planer machine

  1. Planing a phase of wood: 6″x1″ x2″- A long piece of wood should be placed on the infeed table, and planning should be done by hand. The hand should not go over the cutter. You have to check with tri square to see the right angle.
  2. Way of cutting wooden bevel: The fence of the machine is set according to the wooden bevel. The set can be cut by dropping the wooden plane phase. Edge chamfer can also be cut in this method.
  3. Cut the chamfer on a table’s legs: The chamfers should be placed on the square leg machine. The fence should be set according to the chamfer, and the chamfer should be cut into the spots.
  4. Cutting rivets: Marking should be made on the wooden edge rivets. The fence is set at one end of the cutting block according to the mark, and the cut is riveted to the size of the cutting rivet.
  5. Edge planning of round wood: Make two zips according to the wooden round and set them on two tables. Then it will be easy to plane on the edge machine of the round table.

Safety rules of using jointer planer:

The work should be done by observing the safety of the machine. Edges should be used to check the tension of the blade by attaching the cover of the machine. The work should be done using a machine guard. The wheel needs to have a rubber coat and sharpen the blade.

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