How to use thickness planer machine easily in 4 steps

How to use thickness planer machine

How to use thickness planer machine/wood planer: The thickness planer or wood planer machine is an essential woodworking tool used for one or more phase planing according to the wood’s thickness. 

Thickness planer machine parts and their uses

  • Machine body: It is used to hold the machine on the floor.
  • Table: Planning is done by placing wood on it. It is 26″ to 30″ wide.
  • Cutter head: The cutter head is placed on the table.
  • Cutter: The cutter head has 3 to 4 cutter grooves where the cutter can be set, and the wood can be plain.
  • Ruler: Usually, four rulers are used for wood machine planing. 2 are on the table, and two are on the top. A total of 4 rulers are used for wood planing. One ruler is corrugated among them. All these rulers help in wood planning.
  • Motor: V belt rotates the cutting head with the help of attached pulleys and planing the wood. It becomes a 4-6 horsepower motor.
  • Switch: It controls electricity power by turning the motor off and on.
  • Adjustment wheel: Works to move the table up and down.
  • Autolever: It works to move the table up and down.
  • Cover: There is a cover on the top of the machine which can be raised and lowered.

Thickness planer machine operations

  1. Phase planning
  2. Edge planning
  3. Square cut

How to use thickness planer machine

Phase Planing: Before planing wood, one phase is plated on a jointer machine, and the other phase is placed on a table. One or more phases of wood of any thickness can be plane according to the thickness. Maximum 12″ wide planks can be plain on this machine.

Edge Planing: In this method, the wood can be plane in an edge joint, and the machine can be set according to the width of the wood, and the edge can be a plane in 4 rear thickness machines at once. This machine can plane a 4 “wide hard edge.

Square cut: Any square wood must first be planed with a 2-side jointer machine. Later you have to set the machine according to the square’s size and plane the other two sides. The planning of the machine will be straight and square.

Thin wood planing: For planing wood of 1/4 “thickness, take a 1” wooden plank and place 1/4 “thick wood on it, set the machine to 1 wood size from the total thickness of 1 1/1” first plan one phase of wood. After placing the plane on the sideboard, the other phase is 1 m longer. You have to set the machine down and make a plane.

Cutting edge and setting method:

Method of setting with a device carving two prongs with inserted stops. The cutter is projected by a giving micrometer adjustment.
  1. The cutter has to be opened from the cutting head and borrowed from the grinding machine.
  2. The cutting edge has to be set on the machine at the same height.
  3. Wood planning will not be good if the height of the cutting setting is not correct.

Machine Maintenance: You must maintain the machine properly for better working.

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