How to varnish wood easily in 12 steps

How to varnish wood

How to varnish wood: Varnish is an important material in woodworking to seal wood finishes. It is essential to seal a wood if there a crack or hole. The varnish is not a paint nor stain, and it has no color (transparent). It is a hard film that works to protect and make a wood surface beautiful. Different types of varnish are available on the market, such as Violin, Resin, Shellac, Alkyd, Spar varnish, Drying oils, Polyurethane, Lacquer, Acrylic, etc.

Removing process for varnishing

There are various removers used to remove unsightly debris from the wood surface in the removing process for varnishing. Different types of remover or rubbing are available on the market. E.g.

  • Rubbing oil
  • Rubbing felt
  • Pumice no.1
  • Pumice no.FF
  • Rotten stone
  • Steel wool
  • Denatured alcohol
  • Cheese cloth
  • Sponge 
  • Sand paper

Before using the above products on wood, you have to follow the following rules;

  1. First, you have to use dry adhesive No. 360 or Dry Silicon Carbonate No. 400 paper. Dividing sandpaper into four parts works well, and rub it on the wood.
  2. Use 400 or 500 dry silicone carbonate paper or 2/0 steel wool in the second coat, and you’ll get a beautiful smooth surface.
  3. Clean the wooden floor thoroughly with a soft cloth.
  4. Use graders No. 2 “or 4” before the final coat of pumice varnish so that the wood floor will be very smooth and the wood fibers will come out.
  5. Rub with waterproof paper No. 600 or 800 after drying and using lacquer, and you’ll get a beautiful smooth floor.
  6. Clean the abrasive powder with a soft cloth and rub one coat of high-grade wax.
  7. After waiting 3-4 hours, use wax polish as the last coat on the wooden floor with a soft cloth, and you will get a beautiful floor. Don’t use any remover after using the last coat.

How to varnish wood step-by-step

Required tools and materials: Varnish, Different size brushes, Turpentine, Oil, Sand paper, Cloth, Respiratory musk, Rubber gloves etc.


  1. Make the wood surface smooth before applying varnish.
  2. Close the cracks or holes with putting.
  3. Mix 25% turpentine oil with readymade varnish, dilute it.
  4. Apply varnish on the wood with the help of a brush.
  5. It takes at least a day for the coating to dry.
  6. Rub the coating gently with medium-grade sandpaper when dry.
  7. Clean the dirt thoroughly that is on the wood when rubbed with paper.
  8. Re-apply two or more coats on the wood and rub with fine sandpaper.
  9. Draw the last coating horizontally with wood scales.
  10. Pull the brush along the wood fibers.
  11. Use more fine sandpaper after each coat.
  12. Wash the brush with spirit or turpentine oil after varnishing.

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