Basic 10 Parts of a band saw: How does it work

parts of a band saw

Parts of a band saw and how does it work: Long bending saw blades are used in bandsaw machines, so it is easy to cut around trees. It runs with the help of electricity and generators. It has two wheels, 1 table, and a motor.

A band saw is an important tool for any workshop. It is a versatile machine that can be used for a variety of tasks, from cutting large pieces of wood to making intricate cuts. In order to use a band saw safely and effectively, it is important to understand the basic parts of the machine. The following is a list of the 10 most common parts of a band saw:

Parts of a band saw

The main parts of machine name and task are described through the figure below-

  1. Body: The machine frame is made of steel. It holds the machine on the floor.
  2. Wheel: Two-wheel is inserted up and down of 20″-30″. It helps to rotate the blades.
  3. Table: It is mounted on the bottom wheel where wood and trees are cut.
  4. Bend saw blade: It is made of steel. It is one edge that has a teeth cutter. It’s used for cutting wood.
  5. Saw guide wheel: Two wheels of up and down are maintaining the saw blade.
  6. Handwheel: It works on the up and down of the upper wheel and tightens the blade. 
  7. Fence: The wood is set by determining the width of the wood when cutting.
  8. Switch: The switch provides power while the machine is running. 
  9. Motor: The machine is operated by machine and bend.
  10. Bend cover: The blade cover preventing the blade from coming out to ensure working safety work.

Types of bandsaw:

Band saw machines are two types. For example, vertical and horizontal. The horizontal machine is small or large. Its works on wood cutting and sizing. A trolley has set on the bottom of the vertical machine on which a large tree is placed for cutting it. Later all these timbers were sold in the market.

How does a bandsaw work

Length measurement of band:

A band saw machine wheel size is compared to machine size. Usually, the blade size is 30″-36″. The blade is purchased based on saw machine size. 12″-24″ saw machine requires ½” – ¾” widen blade. The law of the determination of blade length

= π×diameter of the wheel + the center distance of the two-wheel. 

Running speed of band saw:

Banding machine running speed depends on the motor’s horsepower. The higher speed of machine running depends on the higher horsepower.

Formula: Cutting speed = Wheel diameter ×RPM (motor).

For example, One 36″ diameter saw machine RPM 700. The machine cutting speed should-

= π×diameter ×RPM

Cutting speed = 22/ 7×36”/ 12×700 = 6600 feet/minute ( Ans)

Band saw size determination

Machine wheel size is compared to machine size. If the band saw machine size is 30″, the wheel size diameter is 30″. Usually, the band saw should be 30″-48″. The vertical saw machine should be 48″-56″.

Band saw operations:

  1. Woodcutting
  2. Round cutting
  3. Tenon and Open mortise cutting
  4. Rimming operation
  5. Rivet and group cutting
  6. Crosscutting

Use of a band saw:

Woodcutting: Any size of woodcutting can make possible at 900˚ fence through machine fence set. The wood height should be ½” height from the guard for sawing. One operator and helper are needed for wood sawing.

Wood round cutting: At first, the wood should be cut according to the design by inserting mark of any round wood cutting, then round cutting should be done. The tiny saw blade should use for cutting round. 

Tenon and Open mortise cutting: Tenon and Open mortise cutting can become possible by using a fence. Before cutting the tenon and mortise should mark. The cutting should be done outside of the mark.

Ripping operation: The ripping fence should be set according to the width of the wood after the switch-off of the machine. The Riving knife and guard should be adequately set up. The wood cutting should be done after the main switch on the worn working uniform, spectacles. The assistance should keep during cutting behind the machine. During working pushing, a stick should be used. The wood can be cut in the same way through the setting of a crosscut fence. 

Rivet and group cutting: Riding knife should equal height with the saw blade during this process. Tenon can be cut after lifting the saw blade according to this process.

Machine crosscutting: Any angle wood crosscutting can be possible by setting a table group of crosscut fences. The marking should be done by measuring wood. This is an effortless operation.

Care and maintenance of band saw blades:

Sometimes crack has shown at the blades. This blade should not use before making it flawless. Blade brazing should be used on cracked parts. Defects are created during the blade’s joint. These blades should use after making them flawless. The carbide steel should insert at the teeth of the saw blade. The blade should sharpen at the blades factory. Occasionally there is conjugated gum in the teeth, which can be treated with kerosene oil. The teeth size increase and decrease depending on the blade size.

Band Saw Safety rules:

The safety rules should maintain during working at the machine. The blade tension should justify through the covering machine. The machine guard should be used during working. The wheel rubber coat and blades should be sharp. 

In conclusion, a band saw is a great addition to any workshop. With the right blades, it can be used to cut through a variety of materials. When shopping for a band saw, be sure to consider the size and power of the saw.

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