6 Basic Woodworking Portable Power Tools

There are many types of tools used in woodworking. Woodworking portable power tools are very manageable that help carpenters do their job quickly. It is essential to know the tools before going to start work. In this article, we’ll see some woodworking portable power tools that will make a positive footprint in your woodwork.

List of woodworking portable power tools

  1. Portable Circular Saw
  2. Portable hand planer
  3. Portable Drill Hand Jigsaw
  4. Portable Drill Machine
  5. Portable Hand Sander
  6. Portable Hand Router

Features of woodworking portable power tools

  • You can transport them easily.
  • You can operate them on 220-volt power lines.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Maintenance costs are low.
  • You can place them anywhere.
  • You can manage them by hand.
  • Cutters are cheap and readily available.
  • You can purchase them at a low cost.
  • You can repair them quickly.
  • Using them causes fewer accidents.

Portable Circular Saw:

The names and uses of the main parts of the portable circular saw machine are given below:

Circular Saw

Uses of a portable circular saw:

  • Wood sawing.
  • Wood cross-cutting.
  • Miter cutting in wood.
  • Bevel cutting.
  • Sawmill.
  • 8″ X 4″ board cutting.

Parts of a portable circular saw

Name and use of the main parts of a portable circular saw.

  • Machine Guard: It protects you from accidents while working on the machine (Working as the safety guard).
  • Cables and switches: Cables and switches are used for power connections.
  • Saw blades: Saw blades of different sizes are used in the machine. Blade sizes range from 8 “to 12”.
  • Base: It carries the load of the machine. The wood is cut by setting it at an angle of 45-90 degrees.
  • Handle: It is used to operate the machine.

Safety: Safety instructions and tips should be followed while using the machine.

Types of the circular saw:

  • Abrasive saw
  • Biscuit joiner
  • Brushcutter
  • Carbide saws
  • Cold saw
  • Concrete saw
  • Flip over saws
  • Miter saw 
  • Panel saw
  • Pendulum saw, or swing saw
  • Radial arm saw
  • Sally saw
  • Swing blade sawmill
  • Table saw

Portable power planer

A portable planer, a coarse tool, is used to plan and file wood by hand. It has two cutters attached to the roller cutter block and can be opened and sharpened if required. Like other machines, wood planing is done by turning the machine by cable and switch. The length of the cutter is up to 4″-6″. Safety rules should be followed while working on the machine.

Parts of a power planer

  • Handle
  • Frigger lock
  • Power cord
  • Strap wheel cover
  • Ruler guide
  • Adjust ruler guide
  • Baseboard
  • Planer blade
  • Depth adjustment 
  • One-click lock power cable 
  • Sawdust mouth 
  • Non-slip handle 
  • Thickened bottom plate 
  • Blade shaft cover 
power planer

Uses of power planer:

  • Wood plaining/smoothing the wood surface.
  • Straightening wooden edge (smoothing rough end grain).
  • Cutting wood veneer.
  • Reducing the thickness of the wood.
  • Flattening two pieces of wood.
  • Smoothening filler boards to fit cabinets.
  • Making a chamfer of wood.
power planer

Portable Hand Jig Saw:

This machine uses 1/4 “-1/2” wide and 4 “-6” long bends shape blades. It is used to round the wood and making zigzag designs on wood. The cable and switches connect the power, and then you can operate it by hand.

Parts of a portable hand jigsaw

  • Motor: It supplies power to the machine and runs the machine.
  • Handle: It is worked on the machine by hand.
  • Cable: power connection wire.
  • Switch: Used to on and off.
  • Jigsaw blade: It cuts the design by cutting thin wood and plywood.

Uses of jigsaw 

  • Cutting and designing wood.
  • Cutting shapes and curves in wood.
  • Cutting thick wood or plywood.
  • Cutting large holes.

Portable drill machine

Drills vary widely in speed, power, and size. Names, functions of different parts and uses of drill machine are given below:

Names and functions of different parts

Handle, speed control, wheel, on / off switch, cord or cable, wheel key, motor.

  • Handle- You can operate the machine by holding it.
  • Speed ​​control- It increases or decreases the speed of the machine.
  • Chuck- It is drilled with a drill bit.
  • On / Off Switch – The machine is turned on and off by the switch.
  • Cord: Power connection is provided through a wire.
  • Mill- The drill bit is fitted and opened by this mill.
  • Motor- It runs the machine.
  • Knob- It helps to run the machine.
  • Drill bit- It can be drilled in wood and walls.
Drill machine

Use of portable drill machine

Drill machine
  • Drilling round holes in wood or driving fasteners.
  • This machine can be counter synced by inserting a countersink bit.
  • Drilling in the iron seat.

Portable sander machine

The main parts’ names and uses of portable sander machine are given below.

  • Cable- Power is supplied by it.
  • Handle- You have to run the machine by holding it.
  • Airless bag- Dust accumulates in it.
  • Sanding belt- It is used for sending wood
  • On / Off Switch: This allows the machine to be turned on and off.
  • Sanding roller- It rotates the belt.
Sander machine

Uses of portable sander machine:

Uses of portable sanding machine
  • Sanding wood to make it smooth.
  • Finishing wood by attaching fine sanding belts.
  • This machine can be used to round wooden edges.
  • Finishing wood defects.

Use of belt: This machine is used for sanding wood by hand. 80 to 150-grade blades are used in this machine. First, the wood is smoothed by applying a thick, coarse belt and then the fine grade belt is applied to get a finish.

Safety rules:

  1. Turn on the machine when sanding wood.
  2. Shut down the power connection of the machine when the belt needs to change.
  3. Never put extra pressure on the wood because you have to sand the wood surface.
  4. Don’t sand the edge; it is prohibited.

Following all these rules and using a good sanding belt will not cause an accident, and the machine will be durable.

Portable Hand Router 

It is one of the most versatile power tools used instead of a traditional spindle molder machine. The name and use of the main parts of the portable hand router machine are given below:

Portable Hand Router
  • Motor- It drives the machine.
  • Handle- It is used to hold the machine.
  • Switch- It turns the machine on and off.
  • Cable- It connects electricity.
  • Router bit- It is used in the machine to cut wood rivets, groups, bevels, rounds, and designs. Bits of different shapes are used for various tasks.

Uses of a hand router

Portable Hand Router
  • Molding wood.
  • Cutting wood groups and rivets.
  • Cutting patterns, grooves, and designs across multiple pieces of wood.
  • Making designs in wood by applying bits of different formats.
  • Creating different types of decorations on wood.

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